It's time to tell my story

Bruce McLaughlin was a committed husband and father and was living the American dream. He had a successful law practice, a beautiful family, and was a proud Army JAG officer. But it all came crashing down when his wife accused him, without any warning, of sexually molesting his children. She wanted him in prison so she could have full custody of the children and take them to her native New Zealand. He was innocent, but no one believed him. The tactics his wife used are utilized everyday in divorce cases across America. After the judge dismissed 9 of the 23 counts, the jury convicted McLaughlin on 9 counts of sexual abuse and acquitted him on the remaining counts. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison. The combination of shock and shame almost destroyed him.

The book takes you through the agony of imprisonment, and his relentless drive to prove the wrong that was perpetrated against him and his children, with the help of dutiful family, friends... and a good lawyer. Everyday while he was incarcerated he fought... for a new trial and for his freedom. After four years and two months, he was granted that new trial, and he was able to prove himself innocent. This book ends on an uplifting note, with a lesson for us all. He never gave up, and neither should you. DO NOT GIVE UP... FIGHT...


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He Said, She S.A.I.D. (Sexual Allegations In Divorce)... and then he went to JAIL.

If it happened to me, it can happen to you

From successful lawyer to convict, then lawyer again, returning to the practice with a compassion to help others… it is a journey not made by many. The book and potential subsequent film will share a powerful accounting of that journey.

• For those who have been wrongly accused and convicted, Bruce’s story has the power of truth. It hits on the emotional terror of being incarcerated with hardened criminals, the dexterity of avoiding harm as a perceived sexual deviant, as well as the unwavering desire to be freed.

• For those who can only imagine what it is like to be in a super-max penitentiary with hardened criminals, imagine no longer. This book tells you what it is like to be there, based upon a diary recorded by Bruce of his day-to-day experience.

• For those who have been through a horrific divorce, Bruce’s story will remind you that this case struck the very bottom of the barrel.

• For those who have heard of children being used as a weapon against a parent, this story shares the details of such manipulation, that is sadly all too prevalent in today‘s society to gain an advantage for custody.

• For those who are interested in how Bruce recovered his children from a foreign country using the U.S. State Department under the international Hague Convention to help him while he was incarcerated, this too is described in this book.

• For those who like a happy ending… HE SAID, SHE S.A.I.D... and then he went to JAIL, delivers… against the odds.

A personal note from Bruce-

“I am telling my story to bring out into the open- how easily young children can be manipulated to “remember” things that never happened…with their "recovered" or "instilled" memory that simply was never true. I want this site to bring people together, those who need help and those that can help. If you are being falsely accused join our network and get the assistance you deserve. If you are an attorney or expert, share your ideas and expertise on our blog page. Join me and tell your story...For me it is simple- I am telling my story to help prevent a travesty of justice for both parent and child. I am here to help and remind everyone if you are falsely accused- get the help you need, don’t ever give up, and never give in!”