Dean Tong Certified Forensic Consultant and Child Abuse Expert or
Dr. Maggie Bruck, Ph.D. Professor Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, and co-author of Jeopardy in the Courtroom
Dr. Fred Berlin, MD Regionally renowned Child and Adult Forensic Psychologist in diagnosing and treating abuse cases in Baltimore, MD
Dr. Ed Connor, Connor and Associates Forensic Psychologist, performing Psychosexual and Domestic Violence Assessments
John M. Detriquet, MD Regionally renowned Forensic Pediatrician in Norfolk Area.
Dr. Ed Farber Regionally renowned Child Forensic, Child Consultant and Adult Psychologist in Fairfax, VA area
Dr. Steven Guertin Forensic Pediatrician and Director of the Sparrow Children's Center in Lansing, MI
Dr. Stacey Hoffman Renowned Child Psychologist. Troubleshooter for Loudoun County and Frederick County Child Abuse Issues
Dr. Christopher Lane, Ph.D. Regionally renowned Child Forensic, Child and Family Psychologist in Vienna, VA
Dr. William Ling Clinical Neuropsychologist in Reston, VA
Dr. Elizabeth F. Loftus American Cognitive Psychologist and Expert on Human Memory, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior, University of California at Irvine
Joseph J. Plaud, PH.D. Forensic Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Psychosexual Risk Assessments
Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D Renowned Clinical Psychologist in Alexandria, VA
Dr. Richard Warshak Psychologist, Author: Divorce Poison How To Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing
Jeopardy in the Courtroom: A Scientific Analysis of Children’s Testimony This seminal work describes the complexity of evaluating the accuracy of children’s statements, and in so doing attempting to alert professionals as well as caregivers of children to the need for common sense when interpreting such testimony. Authors: Stephen J. Ceci and Maggie Bruck (2000)
Elusive Innocence Survival guide for the falsely accused. Authored by Dean Tong. Mr. Tong is a recognized expert in evaluating the suggestive questioning of children by law enforcement. Author: Dean Tong
Ashes to Ashes, Families to Dust False Accusations of Child Abuse: A Roadmap for Survivors Author: Dean Tong
Coaching, Truth Induction and Young Maltreated Children’s False Allegations and False Denials This study examines the effects of coaching and truth induction of children and how the power of suggestion and leading questions impair the accuracy of children’s accounts Authors: Thomas Lyon, Lindsay Malloy, Jodi Quas and Victoria Talwar
Contributions of Source Misattributions, Acquiescence and Response Bias to Children’s False Memories Two studies examined the nature of false recollections that preschool age children experience after imaginary events Authors: Christine McBrien and Dale Dagenbach
Effects of False Allegations of Sexual Abuse on Children and Families Addresses the definitional issues that surround sexual abuse allegations and focuses on the trauma for children and the resulting outcome for them involved in false abuse allegations Authors: Julia Hickman Cecil Reynolds
False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Divorce Proceedings: An Explorative South African Study This book develops a theoretical understanding of the phenomenon of false child sexual abuse allegations during divorce and custody proceedings. Authors: Tanya Robinson and Johannes John-Langba
The Fathers Rights Protection System Custody, Child Support, False Allegations, Paternity, Divorce Author: Dennis Gac
Harms to Children and Parents Inherent to Abuse Investigations This article focuses on the harm caused by unfounded or false abuse investigations for children and parents, and suggests certain policy changes Authors: Sandra Mira and Gordon Finley
History of the American People Describes the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, a phenomenon of witchcraft and false abuse charges with respect to innocent, respectable citizens in New England. Author: Paul Johnson
The Hostage Child: Sex Abuse Allegations in Custody Disputes The authors have gathered information on 206 cases and focus on five representative examples that illustrate what they see as an increasing anti-mother bias in the courts. Authors: Leora N. Rosen and Michelle Etlin
How to Fight False Allegations: A Father’s Rights Approach Learn how to fight back for a change and level the playing field in family court Author: Dennis Gac
How to Stand Up to False Allegations: A Father’s Rights Approach Learn what other fathers have done in cases of false allegations of sexual abuse and domestic violence Author: Dennis Gac
MY LIE: Why I Falsely Accused My Father For years, Meredith Maran believed her dad molested her. She talks about "recovered memory," and finding the truth about her misconceptions that her father abused her. Author: Meredith Maran
The Myth of Repressed Memory This book reveals that despite decades of research, there is absolutely no controlled scientific support for the idea that memories of trauma are routinely banished into the unconscious and then reliably recovered years later. Authors: Dr. Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham
The Penile Plethysmograph, Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest, and MSI-II: Are They Speaking the Same Language? A distinct correlation exists between deviant sexual interests in test subjects as reflected in their test results, using psychosexual test measures - Abel Assessment and Multiphasic Sex Inventory-II and sexual arousal (utilizing a psychophysiological device called the penile plethysmograph (PPG). Dean Tong
Tell Me What Happened This book summarizes key research on children's memory, involving more than 40,000 alleged victims. Michael E. Lamb and Phillip W. Esplin
Victims of Memory An honest account of a father's loss and his plea for reconciliation, this book is also a definitive scholarly work on recovered memory therapy and is widely hailed by professional psychologists. Author: Mark Pendergrast
Where Has My Daddy Gone? How a Father Lost His Daughter After Being Intentionally Falsely Accused in The Divorce Author: Nils Ekstrom
Why Judges Must Insist on Electronically Preserved Recordings of Child Interviews Article describes the limitations of our memory, oftentimes not deliberate, but inaccurately based oftentimes on our current beliefs and motivations shaping what we seem to recall Authors: Stephen J. Ceci and Maggie Bruck
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